for Costuming

& Props


  1. Costumes should provide enough body coverage to be worn in public and should be in good taste and appropriate for a family friendly convention (Please note: those wearing inappropriate attire will be asked to leave the event, tickets are not refundable)​
  2. The maximum height, width or depth of a costume is two metres. This excludes any parts (e.g. wings) that can collapse to a smaller size and is kept collapsed when traversing through the convention floor. If attending the convention in an excessively bulky costume we advise that you have at least one fellow attendee to assist you with traversing the con floor and warning others of your presence.
  3. If the costume is made of hard materials please ensure that edges are rounded off and padded. The costume should not have any parts that could cause an injury to any other attendees of the convention (e.g. nails, spikes or blades). Please note, this includes metal (stainless steel) wolverine claws.

If you wish to use the secure changing facilities at the venue please ensure you contact Planet Folkestone prior to the event.


  1. Any item that is banned or subject to any restrictions from being carried OR sold in this country should not be brought to FFTCC by any attendees.
  2. Fully functional firearms and replica guns (including air soft guns, BB Guns, cap guns, paintball guns and pellet guns) are forbidden without a brightly coloured safety tip. Any ammunition for these firearms is forbidden. This includes all projectile weapons such as bows and crossbows as well.
  3. All metal weapons including, knives, daggers, swords, clubs, batons, and axes regardless of whether they are sharp or blunt are forbidden.
  4. All Weapons and props must have rounded or blunt edges and/or padded ends and must be incapable of causing harm.
  5. Pyrotechnics, explosives, lasers and chemical weapons are forbidden.
  6. Outside of the convention hall attendees must conceal their props or weapons in covered cases or bags.

FFTCC reserve the right to withdraw access to their event and cancel the tickets, without refund, to anyone deemed to be breaking these rules.



All costumers must purchase an entry ticket to the event unless arrangements have been made between Official Groups and Planet Folkestone, please consult your Costuming group for details.

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